Cut your costs in ½ by sourcing quality medical devices & components direct with the China Medical Device experts

Business Process

When we take on a new project we agree to a timetable that is developed at the beginning of the project, there are no surprises after the contract is signed and deliveries are made. 

Protecting your IP is of utmost importance to everyone in our company. We sign NDAs with our customers and our vendors sign our NDAs. One of the best ways to protect IP is to limit disclosure on a need to know basis. When necessary we split up components to different vendors and have final assembly performed in our own facility.

Excellent communication is the key to sourcing from China which has very different cultures from Europe and the USA. We respond quickly with clarity and honesty, if there is a problem, we know it’s our responsibility to always be up front with quick and clear communication alerting our customer to a problem if it arises, informing them what the problem is and what suggestions we have to resolve it. 

When you place an order we confirm the order and the delivery dates within 48 hours. We provide continued updates that you can count on. We monitor production and keep you updated as the order moves through manufacturing to shipping.