Cut your costs in ½ by sourcing quality medical devices & components direct with the China Medical Device experts


Examination Tables:
Complicated Ophthalmic Tables are an example of our capability to take on difficult equipment projects.

Elevation Systems:
CMS has solid experience in the production of reliable elevation systems.

Sub Assemblies:
We provide a wide variety of assembly processes.

Whatever the component is and whatever the process we can make it to exacting standards at a very low cost.

Carry Cases & Custom Packaging:
We have produced a wide assortment of custom packaging and carry cases.

Injection Moulding:
Full-service injection molding. Fast Turnaround 5 to 5 million parts from micro to 500 ton. Services include ultrasonic welding, IMD, bonding and pad / silk printing.

Mould Design & Manufacturing:
Mold design, engineering and building from micro to large multi cavity molds. Average time to completion 30 days at ½ the cost of western suppliers. Quality & # shots guaranteed.

Clean Room Assemblies:
From complex disposables configurations and assembly of components with adhesives, CMS offers flexibility in meeting your assembly needs with hi-precision & fast deliveries. 

China Medical Specialties can help you get from plans to production in the shortest amount of time.

Electronic Components & PCBs:
Board layout service & component conversion. Lot & serial # traceability through to component level. Solder based profile inspection. Process control. In circuit testing. ROHS compliance.

Coils & Springs:
Custom springs, coils and wire forms specializing in fine wire diameters, tight tolerances and high precision applications. We understand the manufacturing intricacies of micro springs.

CNC Machining:
Whatever the part size, dimensions, material or tolerances CMS can supply it at a great price with fast deliveries. Even the most difficult machining jobs are done effectively and correctly the first time.

CMS specializes in medium run, deep draw, even wall, high quality precision parts delivered on time. Up to 60" long made from a variety of thermoplastics exceeding your specs.

Rapid Prototyping / Rapid Tooling:
CMS creates 3D CAD models that are ready to be manufactured by urethane castings & soft steel molds. Lead times for rapid tooling from 3 days to 2 weeks. Accurate low cost CNC machined prototypes.

Plastic & Metal Extrusion:
Single and multi lumen tubing available in a wide variety of materials. ID's, can be of various sizes, in numerous configurations and available in a number of shapes and sizes. 

CMS offers hi quality low cost progressive stamping, deep draw stamping, small runs to millions, with plating, powder coating, heat-treating, oxiding and other finishing steps.

High Precision Swiss Turning:
CMS provides ultra precision 5 axis turned parts from China. Diameters as small as 0.5 with tolerances of 0.008 produced in an ISO13485 facility with various materials.

Castings & Forgings:
Specialize in precision forging of exotic alloys for the orthopedic implant industry. Complete one-stop resource for cost-effective solutions at every stage of the production process.